Over the past few months we have been working closely with student photographer Jennifer Murray on capturing The Old Library at it’s best as part of one of her modules.
A big thank you to our Family History Research Group and Rejuvenate Wellbeing CIC yoga class for letting Jennifer capture you in action!
Jennifer said “I loved working in The Old library these past few months because it has been able to help me understand the history of the library and the importance that it has to the community to the people who have been able to make the building a great safe space for people to work, do lessons and have a chat. It is a brilliant place that is bursting with history and is able to thrive in the modern age through the ways of social media. It has been a pleasure working here and I will cherish my time there.”
Take a look at  some examples of what she captured below! To see all the photos she took, please check out our Instagram @listerstepstol or our Facebook Lister Steps at The Old Library!