Gaynor Williams, CEO

You can find me… here, there and everywhere. Sometimes I am in my office thinking about our future, how to make sure we can be the best for our community and how we are going to pay for it.

You can come to me... to inspire me with your ideas, celebrate your successes, receive support if you need help to bring a plan to life or have a moan about life, the universe and everything.

You can make me smile with… a day out with my grandchildren, taking Flo out for a little stroll and offering me a nice cold glass of IPA.

Karen Keith, Finance Manager

You can find me…working on keeping our financial records up to date or putting together figures for bids. When not in my office I will probably be chatting with someone in our wonderful café having a cup of our fantastic coffee or sitting in our reading nook with a very good book.

You can come to me… if you need any help with any transactions or if you want to have a chat. I am also willing to participate in any shopping expeditions as I do love to shop; my husband would verify this!

You can make me smile with…conversation about my rescue dog JoJo who is very dear to my heart as she makes me laugh every day with her antics; and anything with bubbles, preferably the alcoholic type as I do like Prosecco or a nice glass of gin.

Laura Richardson, Events Manager

You can find me… making sure our operation runs smoothly day in day out. From grinding coffee beans in the café or adding the finishing touches to a wedding, I’m not likely to be in the same place for long!

You can come to me for… my super organisational skills to help plan any event. Whether it’s a small business meeting, your little one’s birthday party or the wedding you’ve always dreamed of – I’ll be ready to discuss all the details with you over a coffee in The Old Library.

You can make me smile with… a nice chat!

Lizzie McCarthy, Childcare Manager

You can find me… in the office or within the childcare rooms engaging with the children and staff promoting a happy environment.

You can come to me for… any support or information regarding childcare. I am always here to support our families as well as the staff.

You can make me smile with… spending quality time with my family and friends or watching a good tv series!

Edward Doran, Heritage Maintenance Manager

You can find me… in my office or out on site completing daily maintenance tasks as well as accompanying contractors around our beautiful building. But be quick because I tend to move around quite a bit!

You can come to me for… help and advice on any matter. If I can’t solve something I can always point you in the right direction of someone who can.

You can make me smile with… with a conversation about my beautiful grandchildren or my beloved LFC. Oh and not forgetting a nice glass of wine. 

Karl Evason, Community Engagement Manager

You can find me… looking for something to do or new initiatives, if I am not chatting to somebody around the building I will be in the office. 

You can come to me for… anything! A confidential  chat, advice or just to let off steam.

You can make me smile with… a smile, saying hello, oh and a big bag of jelly sweets helps!

Michelle Clarke, Family Support Worker

You can find me…in my office or in the childcare rooms observing the team and seeing how they are teaching and interacting with our children (I always like to play with the children while I’m there too!)

You can come to me…for information about all our childcare services and whenever you have something on your mind, whether it’s a complaint, a suggestion or some good news.

You can make me smile…with a bottle of gin or a glass of wine! I like taking my little dog ‘Bobbie’ for a walk down Otterspool Prom or taking my Mum out for a spot of shopping and lunch.