We are coming close to closing applications for the New Wave project that allows people 18-25 to get involved and run a project with Lister Steps at The Old Library.
The project is being run by Heritage Open Days across England to engage young people with more heritage sites. Young people who get involved must be aged 18-25 and the final product will be designed and delivered by themselves with support from our team.
Some examples of previous events that have run in the project: heritage QR treasure hunts, clothes swaps, botanical cocktail making, and more! So it really is open to interpretation and whatever the group would like to do. There will also be opportunity to gain experience in a particular area you might be interested in such as photography, marketing, social media, etc. Therefore it is a great way for people to get experience whilst also developing their skills and it looks great on a CV!
If you think you might be interested please complete this form: https://forms.gle/8tw7KQVuhKDVyNES6